Using the Lead Feed using-the-lead-feed

The Lead Feed is an up-to-the-minute list of interesting events done by your leads. You’ll find it on the right-hand side when you click the Marketo tab. It’s like an RSS or Twitter feed - the most recent updates are at the top of the list. Use this to jump on leads while you’re still fresh in their minds.

The lead feed includes both the leads you own and the leads in your watch list.

What’s in the Lead Feed? whats-in-the-lead-feed

Each item in the lead feed is an interesting moment - a noteworthy activity or event in this lead’s marketing history.

When viewing it in Salesforce, each item has:

A. Lead/Contact
Person who had this interesting moment
B. Event Type
Category for this moment -- web, email, or milestone
C. Account Name
Company name
D. Time
When this interesting moment occurred
E. Event Description
Reason for this interesting moment
F. Subscribe
Receive email notification for events like this
G. Star
This person is a Best Bet (high priority)

Getting RSS Updates getting-rss-updates

You can also get Lead Feed updates by RSS feed. An RSS feed lets you receive updates on your leads even if you’re not connected to Salesforce. The feed has the same information as the Lead Feed in Salesforce as well as the following (when available):

  • email address
  • phone number
  • mobile number
  • fax number
  • company address
  • company URL
Your company’s Marketo administrator must enable RSS feeds for this to work.

To get RSS updates, you’ll need two things: the RSS link and an RSS feed reader. You can get the RSS link by clicking the RSS icon in the lead feed:

The RSS feed will appear in a new window. You can then copy the URL for your RSS feed and use it in an RSS reader. Most browsers have a built-in RSS reader, or you can use an RSS reader specific to your platform.