Understanding Attribution understanding-attribution

What is attribution? what-is-attribution

Attribution is how Marketo gives credit to the programs that help influence sales and opportunities. If you use the Marketo modeler, attribution can also give credit for moving someone forward in your business model.

Why keep track of this? why-keep-track-of-this

Attribution helps you measure program success. Some programs are intended to generate new names, while others are intended to drive sales. By having a system of attribution, you can make educated decisions on what programs to invest in.

First-Touch (FT) Attribution first-touch-ft-attribution

First-Touch (FT) attribution answers a simple business question, “Which programs are good at acquiring profitable new names?”

Multi-Touch Attribution multi-touch-attribution

Multi-Touch answers a complicated business question, “Which programs are most influential in moving people forward in the sales cycle over time?”

Rules of Attribution rules-of-attribution

There are three rules of attribution:

  1. Credit is split evenly
  2. You can’t give more credit than you earned
  3. You can’t give credit for something that happened in the past

In the following examples, you can apply these rules and understand everything you need about measuring program success.

If you are using this feature, you are definitely making the most of your investment in Marketo.