Attribution Example 3 attribution-example

Read the following scenario and try to determine the numbers that should be in the grid.

  • April 11 | Steve downloads (Content) - success
  • April 22 | Opportunity is created for $3,000 (Both Steve and Jason have roles)
  • April 25 | Jason attends (Webinar) - success
  • April 30 | Opportunity is Closed-Won
Attribution Metric
(MT) Opty Created
(MT) Pipeline Created
(MT) Opty Won
(MT) Revenue Won

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Remember attribution rule #3. Jason had program success AFTER the opty was created. Therefore, the webinar can’t get credit for the creation of the opportunity. Only credit for the Opty won.
Therefore, (Content) has 100% of credit for the Opty creation and pipeline, but only 50% credit for the opty won.
Attribution Rules
  1. Credit is split evenly
  2. You can’t give more credit than you earned
  3. You can’t give credit for something that happened in the past

Try all of the examples and you will be an attribution pro!