Using URLs in My Tokens using-urls-in-my-tokens

Follow the steps below to use My Tokens to insert URLs into your emails.

  1. Select your program and click My Tokens.

  2. Select the Text My Token, drag and drop it onto the canvas.

  3. Give the token a unique name, enter a URL (without the https://) and click Save.

    note caution
    To make sure clicks are tracked in your email, do not enter https:// inside the token’s value.
  4. Select the email in your program.

  5. Click Edit Draft.

  6. Double-click in the text area to edit.

  7. Anywhere in your email, type “https://” (without leaving a space after) and click the Insert Token icon.

    note note
    You of course also have the option of entering “https” if your site uses it.
  8. Locate your My Token, select it, and click Insert.

  9. Highlight the https:// and token, then press Ctrl/Cmd+X (Ctrl = Windows/Cmd = Mac) to cut the text.

  10. Highlight the text you want the link to display and click the Insert/Edit Link icon.

  11. Press Ctrl/Cmd+V to paste the content into the URL box and click Insert.

  12. Click Save.

    And you’re done! Your URL will populate after sending, and thanks to you putting https:// in front of the token, it will produce a trackable link.