Settings Tab settings-tab

The Settings tab is home to all your campaign settings, including the same permission sets and access as the Schedule tab in Smart Campaigns.

It includes the following three sections.

  • Qualification Rules: Determines how many times each person can run through the Smart Campaign flow.

  • Individual Runs: Can be used to schedule single runs either immediately or in the future.

  • Recurrence: Used to schedule a daily, weekly, or monthly recurrence.

Qualification rules will be available for all campaigns (trigger and batch) and include the following settings:

  • You can determine how many times a person goes through a campaign

  • The ability to block a non-operational campaign if the person is over their communication limit

  • The ability to set an abort campaign people limit

Individual runs can be used to either run a campaign immediately, or to set up some one-off runs in the future.

It’s easier to use the recurrence modal if you’re scheduling a series of campaigns.

The recurrence modal includes the ability to set up a recurring schedule on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Once set up, you’ll be able to see the next three runs in the Settings tab.

The Settings tab also includes a quick overview of your Smart Campaign. It includes the following:

  • Campaign status

  • Created on

  • Last modified

  • Smart List mode

  • Smart List status:

    • Estimated people who will be affected
    • Estimated people who are blocked from emails
    • Estimated people who are in a wait step

Permission sets and Errors in Settings tab:

All existing permission sets will be applicable in the Settings tab. If the Edit button is grayed out, please click the help icon to find out why.

If after clicking the help icon you see “Additional Permission Required,” please reach out to your Marketo Admin.