Why Do My Emails Get Marked as Spam? why-do-my-emails-get-marked-as-spam

As a company, we work hard to ensure that our deliverability rates remain high. Still, there are certain user behaviors and settings that can trigger your sent emails being routed to the spam folder.

Check Your Settings

  • Custom Domain Tracking: This allows you to have all of your tracking links show up as go.“yourdomain” instead of go.toutapp. Some email security will see that the email is coming from “yourdomain” but the link is being rerouted to go.toutapp. By implementing custom domain link tracking your emails will look legitimate and have a higher probability of hitting the recipient’s inbox.

Check Your Email Behaviors

  • Keep your emails short and informal, and paste your templates as an email you’ve written before.

  • Avoid over-formatted emails, or messages where you’re using transnational words.

  • Make sure you have a fully completed email signature with a physical address.

  • Read up and make sure you’re complying with CAN-SPAM laws.