Understanding Push Notifications understanding-push-notifications

In-App messaging is an add-on application. Confirm with your Marketo account manager to be sure it’s activated.

Marketo mobile engagement allows you to create, configure, and send a notification just like you’d create an email. Before you can create and send push notifications from your mobile app, you’ll need your Marketo Admin and mobile apps developer to perform some setups.

Push Notifications are an add-on, and must be turned on by a Marketo Admin before you start.

Step 1: Admin and Developer Perform Initial Setups step-admin-and-developer-perform-initial-setups

The Marketo Admin and mobile apps developer work together to set you up. See Before You Create Push Notifications and In-App Messages for details.

Step 2: Create a Push Notification step-create-a-push-notification

Craft your messaging and preview how it’s displayed on Android and iOS devices.

Step 3: Send! step-send

Push notifications can be sent using trigger and batch smart campaigns. Pretty cool, huh?

  • A push notification won’t pop up on the screen until the app has been opened at least once.
  • For iOS apps, a push notification won’t pop up on the screen if the application designated to receive the push message is open and active. Instead, the message will appear in the local notifications area of the app.