Bulk Sending Options bulk-sending-options

Sending emails in bulk is a great way to accelerate your prospect engagement. Sales Connect offers two ways to send emails in bulk: Group Emails and Select and Send. Group emails are a great way to quickly send hundreds of emails to a targeted group. Using Select and Send means lower email limits, but it offers more customization opportunities to the user.

Group Email vs. Select and Send

Send Type
Max Number of Emails
Initiated Send By
Bulk Edit Emails
Edit Each Email Uniquely
Template & Dynamic Field Support
Group Email
Select a group and click the “Group Actions” button, or type the group name into the To field.
Select and Send
Select people in the grid and click the “Email Selected” button in the actions bar, or type recipients into the bulk email sidebar.

Using Group Email

You can preview each email in the list to see if the dynamic fields are populating correctly and you can bulk edit the template you want to send out. You cannot, however, make unique “per user” edits.

Using Select and Send

By default, you will be editing for all recipients. But you can also select each individual email to make custom edits for. This can be great for adding one or more unique line(s) of customization to recipients you want to take a more personalized approach with.