Understanding Elements and Variables in Guided Templates understanding-elements-and-variables-in-guided-templates

Guided landing page templates have two types of editable sections: elements and variables.

Elements elements

Elements are the different pieces of content that make up a landing page. They can be images, text, or Marketo assets.

When you edit a guided landing page, elements will show up if they’ve been marked editable in the template. Elements will have the following icons:

  • -- Image
  • -- Marketo Form
  • -- Text
  • -- Video
  • -- Marketo Share Button
  • -- Marketo Poll
  • -- Marketo Referral
  • -- Marketo Sweepstakes
  • -- Marketo Snippet

Variables variables

Variables are token-like attributes that can be customized from the guided landing page editor, like shown below.

There are three types of variables: string variables, color variables, and Boolean variables.


Editable text

Example: Titles, dates, button labels


Editable hex code for color


Example: Background color, font color, border color


A lever that controls on/off states for objects or formats on the landing page


Examples: Show Footer (Yes/No), Column Count (1/2), Embed Google Analytics (True/False)