Create an SMS Message create-an-sms-message

Here’s how to create an SMS message.

This feature is available as an add-on for your Adobe Marketo Engage Account. In order for it to be provisioned properly, it must be purchased through Adobe. Please contact the Adobe Account Team (your Account Manager) for details. Marketo Vibes SMS native integration is available in the U.S. and Canada. For other countries, a connection via Marketo Webhooks can be utilized by contacting Vibes directly.
  1. Go to Marketing Activities.

  2. Right-click on the desired program and select New Local Asset.

  3. Select SMS Message.

  4. Enter a name and an optional description for the new SMS message and click Create.

  5. In the editor, click inside the blue bubble and begin entering text.

    note note
    The character limit for an SMS message is 160 characters using the standard ASCII character set. If you exceed 160 characters, your message will be split based on total character count.
  6. To add a token in your message, write a quick greeting and click Token.

    note note
    Adding a token may cause the message to exceed the character limit. The message would then split, creating an additional message.
    note important
    SMS Compliance: All outbound SMS messages must include the Brand Name or Program description. HELP and STOP instructions should be provided at least once per month per subscriber for recurring message programs.
  7. Select the desired Token, enter an optional Default Value, and click Create.

  8. To add a link, select where in the message you want it to appear and click Link.

  9. Select a link type. Marketo Landing Page is the default. If you go with that, click the Landing Page drop-down and select the desired page. Click Insert when done.

    note note
    The two tracking links are selected by default. Unchecking just Include mkt_tok will still allow the link to be tracked, but after redirect, the destination URL will not include the mkt_tok query string parameter. This parameter is used by Marketo Landing Pages and Munchkin to ensure proper tracking of person activities (like when a person opts out).
  10. If you want to use an external URL instead, select External URL, enter/paste the URL, and click Insert.

    note note
    When keeping “Track Link” selected, Marketo will automatically modify the URL for tracking purposes. If you opt to disable tracking, the URL will show in the message unchanged (e.g.,
    note caution
    It is recommended to not use URL shorteners (e.g., Bitly), as the carriers may flag your message as spam.
  11. The link displays in the message.

    note note
    Marketo displays a link preview of the branded tracking domain. If you clear the mkt_tok link checkbox, the link is changed.

If you insert more than 160 characters, the editor breaks your SMS into sections. There is an overall limit of 900 characters per message. If you exceed that, the message will be truncated upon delivery.