Add Vibes as a LaunchPoint Service add-vibes-as-a-launchpoint-service

You can send SMS messages to the people opted in to your Vibes SMS campaigns, leveraging SMS activity to trigger and filter campaigns navitvely in your Marketo Engage instance. First, you need to add Vibes as a LaunchPoint service.

Admin Permissions Required
You must have an active Vibes account and an Adobe license for Vibes SMS. Marketo Vibes SMS native integration is available in the U.S. and Canada. For other countries, a connection via Marketo Webhooks can be utilized by contacting Vibes directly.
  1. In My Marketo, go to the Admin area.

  2. Click LaunchPoint.

  3. Click New, then New Service.

  4. Enter a display name and in the drop-down, select Vibes.

  5. Under Settings, enter your Vibes Username, Password, and Company Key (all of which can be found in your Vibes account). Click Create.

    The new SMS service now appears in the Installed Services list.