Understanding In-App Messages understanding-in-app-messages

In-App messaging is an add-on application. Confirm with your Marketo account manager to be sure it’s activated.

Use in-app messages to engage directly with your customers while they’re using your app. When they open or take a custom action, you can present a promotional offer. One click takes them to a landing page, external website, or deep link, where they can learn more and make a purchase. Or, that click can simply dismiss the message. You can also use in-app messages as reminders to your customers to, for example, complete their profile, or to inform them about new app features.

Example 1: “Summer Sale” promo appears when opening the app.
Example 2: While watching a medical video, schedule a doctor visit, and it triggers a $40 off coupon.

Before you can create and send in-app messages for your mobile app, you’ll need your Marketo Admin and mobile apps developer to perform some setups. There are three steps to the process of producing in-app messages:

Step 1: Admin and Developer Perform Initial Setups step-admin-and-developer-perform-initial-setups

The Marketo Admin and mobile apps developer work together to set you up. See Before You Create Push Notifications and In-App Messages for details.

Step 2: Create an In-App Message step-create-an-in-app-message

You create an in-app message using the online editor.

Step 3: Send! step-send

You create a program to send the message.

You’re on your way.