Web Personalization Overview web-personalization-overview

Introduction introduction

For new Marketo customers, Real-Time Personalization is divided into four apps, accessed using these two tiles: Web Personalization and ContentAI.

Web Personalization and ContentAI are available in all Marketo-supported languages (English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish).

Existing customers continue to access the apps through the Real-Time Personalization tile until renewal, at which time they will use the login above.

When you click the Web Personalization tile, the Dashboard page appears. Click the ContentAI tile and you go directly to the Content Recommendations page.

The four apps are:

  • Web Personalization
  • Account-Based Web Marketing
  • Website Retargeting
  • ContentAI

The Web Personalization tile is your access point for creating personalized web campaigns. Account-Based Web Marketing and Web Retargeting. You can add content on the Content Analytics page.

Account-Based Web Marketing works with Web Personalization and features Named Accounts. The Named Accounts page provides graphical information on existing customers, total engagements, and organizational trends, as well as a list of the accounts. You can create new named accounts there as well.

Website Retargeting gives you the power to remarket to segmented audiences. You can set segments, but can’t use Named Accounts in the filter.

ContentAI is the place to give content recommendations. You can add content easily to the Content Recommendations page.

To access Account-Based Web Marketing or Website Retargeting, you must click the Web Personalization tile, even if you don’t have the Web Personalization app.

Organizations organizations

The Organizations tab displays all the details (name, location, activity and time stamp) of organizations that visited your website during a given period. The table can be sorted and organized by time, location, domain and via a free text search.

‘Most Active’ vs. ‘Latest’ - The table is organized by identified Organizations and then Internet Service Providers (denoted by an ISP icon). It can be sorted according to:
  • Most Active: the most active organizations in the table, based on number of page views
  • Latest: the most recent organizations in the table (default)
  • For valuable insights, filter according to most active

Organizations - Right-hand Panel

The right-hand panel of the Organizations page offers the following features and insights:

Spreadsheet icon: Situated at the top right of the panel, the icon downloads the Organizations table in CSV format for offline use

Set Email Alert: Sends the logged in user an email every time the selected organization visits the website

Leads: Opens the leads table for the selected organization

Share: Opens a pop-up window to email and share the details of the organization that visited the webpage

Location Icon: Displays the country and city of the selected organization

Links: Jigsaw, Whois, Linkedin, Google, Twitter opens a new window with additional information from the respective webpage offering additional insight into the selected organization

Search: Displays the keyword used if the visitor arrived via a search engine

Referrers: Shows the URL link of the page that referred the traffic to your site

Visitors: Displays the number of visits, the number of pages viewed by the selected organization and their email address (if they completed a submit form) and the time and date of the last visit

Clickstream: Displays a table of the user activity and URL path on the site and how long they visited each page

Share Organizations

Want to share the information of your website visitor to a colleague? Click on an Organization and then click on the Share link on the right-hand side panel.

This actives the Share this Organization overlay, where you can send an email sharing the name and details of the organization that visited the website.

Visitors visitors

The Visitors page displays all the details and online behavior of each visitor that arrived on your site within the given time period. The page offers a deep insight into each individual visitor’s activities and online behavior. Visitor data in the table is updated within 24-48 hours.

The right-hand panel of the Visitors page provides the following insights:

Spreadsheet icon
Situated at the top right of the panel, the icon downloads the Visitors table in CSV format for offline use
Organization Name
Set Campaign
Allows you to set up a Campaign CTA associated with the selected visitor
Displays the visitor's country, state and city
Displays a table of the visitor's activity and URL path on the site and how long they visited each page

Real-Time real-time

The Real-Time page displays visitors on your website in real-time, measuring the activity as it happens.

The Real-time page is split into 6 informative tables of onsite visitor details:

Represents the number of visitors currently on your website
Clicks per minute
A live line graph showing the number of clicks on your site per minute
Top Organizations
A short version of the Organizations table
Real-Time Segment
The number of visitors currently onsite that match designated segments
Currently Browsing
The URL of the pages currently being viewed by onsite visitors
Top Referrals
The referral URL that brought the visitor to your site