Set up Your Marketo Connection set-up-your-marketo-connection

When you provision MSC, Marketo will automatically send your credentials to Sales Connect and connect your instance to Marketo. This step is required only if you are not seeing the connection established after your Sales Connect instance is provisioned. If your connection is established you will see your credentials entered on the Marketo Admin Settings page.

Acquiring Credentials Prior to Connecting Sales Connect with Marketo acquiring-credentials-prior-to-connecting-sales-connect-with-marketo

You’ll need to get a set of credentials from within Marketo. These credentials will be used later by the Sales Connect Admin to connect Marketo with Sales Connect.

  1. In Marketo, click Admin.

  2. In the tree, click Sales Connect.

  3. Select and send the following Marketo credentials to your Sales Connect Admin: Munchkin ID, Client ID, Client Secret.

    note note
    When you copy and paste the above info, make sure no spaces get added.

Connect Sales Connect to Marketo connect-sales-connect-to-marketo

  1. In Sales Connect, click the gear icon and select Settings.

  2. Under Admin Settings, select Marketo.

  3. Input the Marketo credentials provided by the Marketo Admin and click Connect.