Edit an Event Channel edit-an-event-channel

You can edit the channel type from the event’s Summary tab or from its Setup tab.

This option is only available for events that do not have associated members. Once an event has members, you cannot change the channel type.
A program is one specific marketing initiative. The channel is intended to be the delivery mechanism, like Webinar, Tradeshow, or Online Ad. You may see different channel options in your drop-down, depending on what’s available in your own instance. You can also create your own channel.

From the Summary Tab from-the-summary-tab

  1. From Marketing Activities, select your event from the tree.

  2. Navigate to the Summary view.

  3. Under the Settings category, select the current Channel displayed as a hyperlink.

  4. From the drop-down list, select a new channel.

  5. Click Save.

From the Setup Tab from-the-setup-tab

A new channel type can also be assigned from the event’s Setup tab.

  1. Select your event from the tree.

  2. Navigate to the Setup tab. Double-click the current Channel.

  3. Select a new Channel.

  4. Click Save.

Congrats! You’ve just edited a channel!