Release Notes: August 2022 release-notes-aug-22

Below you’ll find all the features included in the August '22 release. Check your Adobe Marketo Engage edition for feature availability.

Features denoted by a star ( star ) are paid add-ons. Please contact your Marketo Engage representative to learn more.

The following features began a phased rollout on August 26, 2022.

Cross-Channel Orchestration cross-channel-orchestration

Next-generation Experience

  • Adobe Branding: Updated look and feel for editors and person detail page with new Adobe Experience Cloud branding.

  • Display Folder Hierarchy of Destination Folder in the Move Dialog: Viewing the folder hierarchy for each folder makes moving assets easier and reduces the likelihood of putting them in the wrong folder.

  • Updated Screens in the Next-Generation Experience: We’re delivering additional, refreshed screens in the next-generation experience that offer an updated design and usability enhancements accessible via toggle switch:

    • Snippet Details
    • “Images and Files” Details
The exception is moving an asset to a folder within a program in Marketing Activities. This move action will not display the folder hierarchy as folders within a program cannot have duplicate names.

Experience Automation experience-automation

  • Self-Service Flow Steps - Program Import Enhancements: Improved support for importing programs with custom flow steps where you can now use multiple instances of the same service provider and import programs which have flow steps compatible with those service providers.

  • Munchkin - Expanded Link Tracking: Extend support for tracking of tel and mailto links with Munchkin to track an expanded set of web behaviors.

  • Webhook Custom Header Visibility: Webhook custom headers are now displayed in the Admin > Webhooks tab for better visibility.

  • CAPTCHA: Evaluate the validity of form submissions using reCAPTCHA v3 to score incoming form traffic. Build marketing workflows to automatically exclude, quarantine, or delete suspicious bot traffic.

  • Permission to Approve Form: New permission to control which designers can approve changes to a form in line with other Design Studio assets. This prevents other designers from pushing changes to forms without someone else with approval permission reviewing it.

  • Always Perform Campaign Replay After Anonymous Merge: Anonymous lead merge happens before campaign replay so custom field filters behave reliably when anonymous campaign replay is done.

Marketing Data Environment marketing-data-environment

  • Fix UI truncation of Custom Object “Used By” fields: It’s now easier to identify custom object fields that are “in use” so you can delete fields from a Custom Object when necessary.

API Enhancements api-enhancements

  • New Filtering Capabilities for Bulk Program Member Extract API: Filter by program membership status, updatedAt, cadence, or exhausted content to refine extracted data set.

Sales Insight sales-insight


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