Sending a Tracked Email sending-a-tracked-email

When sending an email with Marketo Sales Connect, views (email opens) and clicks (clicked links) will be tracked.

You’ll need to have an identity verified and an email delivery channel set up before sending a tracked email.
  1. Create your email draft (there are multiple ways to do this, in this example we’re choosing Compose in the header).

  2. Enter the name or email of a recipient in the To field.

    note note
    You can only have one person in the To field.
  3. Add any recipients you’d like to CC or BCC in the respective fields.

    note note
    If someone who’s been CC’d or BCC’d opens the email, that open will be recorded as a view on the record of the person in the To field.
  4. Add a subject line.

    note note
    A subject line and recipient is required to send the email. We will automatically save your draft once a subject line and recipient have been added.
  5. Compose your email using the editor. Click Send (or Schedule, if you prefer) when done.

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