Create a Program Analyzer create-a-program-analyzer

Discover which programs and channels are giving you the biggest bang for your marketing buck. Use the program analyzer to scrutinize and compare every cost and return in detail, by program or by channel.

To get good data from a program analyzer, make sure your CRM contacts have roles in the opportunities, and that your Marketo programs are fully set up, with period costs, program statuses, and success defined.
To make programs with no cost appear in the program analyzer, set their period cost to $0.
  1. Click the Analytics tile.

  2. Click the Program Analyzer tile.

  3. The standard program analyzer appears. Make any changes to it you need.

  4. Click the Setup tab to add and customize filters.

  5. For example, to customize the Period Cost filter, double-click on it.

  6. Select the time period you wish to analyze and click Apply.

    note tip
    To select a specific range, select Custom and use the From and To fields.
  7. If you want to save your new custom analyzer, in the Analyzer Actions drop-down, select Save As.

  8. Select the location where you want to save the custom analyzer, using the Save To and Folder drop-downs. Name the new custom analyzer. A description is optional. Click Save.

  9. You’ve done it! Click the main tab to start exploring and comparing your programs and channels.

Many of the metrics you can choose in the program analyzer are available with first-touch (FT) and multi-touch (MT) calculations. It is important to understand the difference between FT and MT attribution.