Test Your ON24 Event Integration test-your-on-event-integration

Make sure to test your event integration thoroughly.

  1. Fill out the event’s registration form and use a valid email address to test.

  2. Confirm the test name shows with a Registered status in the Membership grid of your Marketo event.

  3. Confirm the test name also shows as Registered in ON24.

  4. Confirm that the valid email address you used to register the test name received a confirmation email to the Event and that the unique URL is resolved in the email.

    note note
    You must use the {{member.webinar url}} token in your confirmation email in order for the unique URL to show in each registrant’s email.

After the Event after-the-event

Here’s how data is updated after the event takes place:

  • Marketo retrieves attendee data from ON24 every night.
  • Once the attendee data syncs between Marketo and ON24, Marketo updates the membership status to Attended, Attended On-demand, or No Show. In the event’s Summary tab, the event status is updated to Event Complete.