Example ON24 Event Integration example-on-event-integration

Here’s a sample event, including campaigns, for an ON24 webinar. When you build your event, be sure to test your campaigns before running them.

Create a New Event in Marketing Activities create-a-new-event-in-marketing-activities

  1. Select New > New Program.

  2. Select a Campaign Folder where the event will live.

  3. Enter a Name for the event.

  4. Select Event as the Program Type.

  5. Select Webinar as the Channel for the event.

  6. Click Create.

Invite (Batch Campaign) invite-batch-campaign

  • Smart List - Define whom you will invite to the event.

  • Flow

    • Send Email - If this is a local asset email, it will have the following naming convention: EventName.EmailName. You can also use global emails.
    • Change Status in Progression - Set to Webinar > Invited.
  • Schedule - Set the date for the invitation to be sent.

Registration/Confirmation (Trigger Campaign) registration-confirmation-trigger-campaign

  • Smart List

    • Trigger the campaign based on Fills Out Form. Be sure to include the landing page that the form lives on by using Add Constraint, especially if the form is used on multiple landing pages.
You must use a Marketo form to register people for the event, or a non-Marketo form with the proper API integration to push registration data to Marketo. This is critical to the success of your Event Partner integration. NOTE: If you are using a Marketo form on a non-Marketo landing page, your trigger will be Fills Out Form with the Form Name.

  • Flow

    • Change Status in Progression - Set to Webinar > Registered. CAUTION: This flow step is required when setting up your child campaign. When a person’s progression status changes to Registered, Marketo pushes the registration information to ON24.

    • Send Email - Confirmation email (set to Operational so that unsubscribed people that have registered still receive it).

NOTE: If the person is returned with a registration error, they won’t receive the email confirmation.

Reminder (Batch Campaign) reminder-batch-campaign

  • Smart List - Filter using Member of Program and set the status to Registered.

  • Flow - Send Email (Reminder Email).

NOTE: You could use a similar campaign to send a different follow-up email to people who were invited but who haven’t registered yet.

Follow-Up Campaign (Batch or Trigger Campaign) follow-up-campaign-batch-or-trigger-campaign

  • Smart List - Trigger based on changes in program status.

  • Flow - Send Email. Use choices to send different emails based on program status.