Add Google AdWords as a LaunchPoint Service add-google-adwords-as-a-launchpoint-service

Link your Google AdWords account to Marketo to automatically upload offline conversion data from Marketo to Google AdWords. Then, from the AdWords UI, you will be able to easily see which clicks resulted in qualified leads, opportunities, and new customers (or whatever revenue stages you want to track) after you add custom columns in AdWords. This information does not appear in the Marketo UI.

Learn more about Google’s offline conversion import feature.

Not all Marketo Engage users have purchased this functionality. Contact the Adobe Account Team (your Account Manager) for details.
Admin Permissions Required
  1. Go to the Admin area.

  2. Select LaunchPoint.

  3. Select New and New Service.

  4. Enter a display name and select Google AdWords.

  5. Select Authorize Marketo.

    note note
    Make sure to log out of your personal Gmail account and enable pop-ups.

  6. Select your account associated with Google AdWords.

  7. Select Accept.

  8. Status will display as Success. Select Next.

  9. Upload your offline conversions from Marketo to Google AdWords Weekly or Daily.

  10. Attribute conversion to the First Click or Last Click.

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    Type Definition
    First Click Offline conversions will be attributed to the first AdWords ad that a person clicked in the past 90 days
    Last Click Offline conversions will be attributed to the last AdWords ad that a person clicked
    note note
    Using a consistent attribution model in Marketo and AdWords provides the most accurate data.
  11. Click Create.

    note note
    Auto-tagging must be selected for this feature to work. Deactivation must be done inside AdWords.

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