Resubscribing an Unsubscribe resubscribing-an-unsubscribe

Sometimes people want to opt back into receiving emails. Here’s how to make unsubscribes mailable again.

Admin Permissions Required
Before resubscribing someone, you should be able to demonstrate that the authorization to resubscribe them is documented and in compliance with all applicable laws.
If you have unsubscribe sync turned on you must remove the unsubscribe from ToutApp and uncheck the opt out in Salesforce for the person record to not sync again.
  1. Go to the web application and click People.

  2. Select the person to open the person details view.

  3. Click the three dots in the person details view and select Remove Unsubscribe.

  4. Select the reason why the person is being opted back in to receive emails, then click Remove Unsubscribe.

If you have the unsubscribe sync turned on, you must uncheck the opt out box on the record in Salesforce as well or the nightly sync will re-unsubscribe the person in Sales Connect, as it will detect the person is opted out in Salesforce. If either of the records are opt out/unsubscribed, the sync will mark the linked record as such.