Simple Scoring simple-scoring

Step 1: Create a Scoring Campaign step-create-a-scoring-campaign

  1. Go to the Marketing Activities area.

  2. Right-click your Learning folder and click New Campaign Folder.

  3. Name the campaign folder “Scoring” and click Create.

    note note
    If you already have a Scoring folder, name this one something different, such as Scoring 1. Folder names must be unique.
  4. Right-click your Scoring folder and select New Smart Campaign.

  5. Name the campaign “Change Score” and click Create.

  6. Click the Smart List tab.

    We want this campaign to run whenever a person fills out your Trial Request Form.

  7. Find and drag the Fills Out Form trigger onto the left canvas.

  8. Select My Form.

    note note
    If you completed the Landing Page with a Form quick win, you should have the form. If you used a different name for your form, select that one.
  9. Click the Flow tab.

  10. Drag the Change Score flow action onto the left canvas.

  11. You can type any value to add to the person’s score. Let’s enter “+5” in the Change field.

    note tip
    Good scoring campaigns are key to delivering high-quality people to Sales. Read The Definitive Guide to Lead Scoring.
  12. Click the Schedule tab and the Activate button.

  13. Click Activate on the confirmation screen.

Once active, this campaign will run every time a person fills out the form. The campaign will keep running until it’s deactivated.

Step 2: Fill Out the Form step-fill-out-the-form

  1. Select the landing page you created in the Landing Page with a Form quick win.

  2. Click Preview. The landing page will open in a new tab.

  3. Fill out the form with your first name, last name, and email address, then click Submit.

    note note
    Use the same name and email address that you used when you first entered yourself as a person in order to apply the “+5” score increase.

Step 3: View the Person Info step-view-the-person-info

  1. Go to the Database area.

  2. Search for email address you used when filling out the form.

  3. Double-click your person.

Your person details will open in a new tab or window. See how your score increased by 5 points for filling out the form?

Mission Complete! mission-complete

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