Send a List to an Ad Network send-a-list-to-an-ad-network

Learn how to send a static list to LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google.

How to Send a List how-to-send-a-list

  1. In Marketo Engage, select your list, click the List Actions drop-down, and select Send to Ad Network.

  2. Choose between LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google (the other options are not available at this time). In this example, we’re choosing LinkedIn. Click Next.

  3. Click the Audience drop-down and select your desired audience.

    note tip
    If you ever need to check, you can see the destination audience that a list is being synced to via the Status tab.
  4. Choose your desired Push Type and click Update.

    note note
    If you select “Enable continuous audience sync,” Marketo keeps the list up-to-date in the chosen Ad Network as the list changes in your Marketo instance. We both add and remove people from the audience if they’re added to/removed from the static list.
  5. And that’s it! Click OK to exit.

FAQ faq

Can a single static list be synced with multiple ad audiences?

No, a list can only be synced to a single destination audience.

If I enable continuous sync to an existing ad audience, will the existing audience get replaced?

No, the existing audience will be added to, not replaced.