Why Aren’t My Dynamic Fields Filling Out? why-arent-my-dynamic-fields-filling-out

Dynamic fields will only work when you’re using a template. Individual one-off emails that you write won’t fill these out.

What to Check what-to-check

There are three types of dynamic fields in Sales Insight Actions: Basic, Custom, and Salesforce. Basic and Custom both look to pull information from the web application. If the information does not exist in the web application, the fields will be blank. Salesforce fields pull information from Salesforce.com.

Troubleshooting Salesforce Fields

Salesforce Fields: e.g. {{sfdc_account_name}}

  • Make sure it’s properly hooked up with Sales Insight Actions. Go to the [Settings](https://toutapp.com/login{target=“_blank”} page and click Manage next to your CRM.

Troubleshooting Basic and Custom Fields

Marketo Sales Insight Actions Basic Fields: e.g., {{company}}

Marketo Sales Insight Actions Custom Fields: e.g., {{custom_field_favorite_movie}}

  • The corresponding field needs to be saved for your contact in the People page for our dynamic field to reference. For example, if you’re sending an email to Mary and using the {{company}} field, but her contact record doesn’t list a company, we won’t be able to fill that out.

Why Did My Email Send Without Populating All Dynamic Fields? why-did-my-email-send-without-populating-all-dynamic-fields

Sales Insight Actions will stop your emails from being sent out if we cannot populate all your dynamic fields in the email. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. Some fields will send out blank, or auto-populate a value if we can find one. These fields and how they’ll react if they can’t populate the field are listed below.

{{first_name}} = BLANK

{{last_name}} =BLANK

{{title}} = BLANK

{{company}} = “your company”

{{friendly_company}} = “your company”

The {{first_name}} field will look in both Sales Insight Actions and Salesforce to attempt to pull information. All other fields in this list are only looking in Sales Insight Actions to populate the field.