Step 1 of 3: Install the Marketo Solution (2011 On-Premises) step-of-install-the-marketo-solution-on-premises

Before you can sync Microsoft Dynamics On-Premises and Marketo Engage, you need to first install the Marketo solution in Dynamics.

After you sync Marketo to a CRM, you cannot perform a new sync without replacing the instance.
You must have Internet Facing Deployment (IFD) with Active Directory Federation Services 2.0, 2.1 or 3.0 (ADFS) configured. Note: The IFD document downloads automatically when you click the link.
Download the Marketo Lead Management Solution before you start.
Dynamics Admin Permissions required.
You need CRM administrator privileges to perform this sync.
  1. Log in to Dynamics and select Settings in the bottom left menu.

  2. Select Solutions in the tree.

  3. Click Import.

  4. Click Browse. Select the Marketo Lead Management solution you downloaded. Click Next.

  5. View the Solution Information and click View solution package details.

  6. When you’re done checking all the details, click Close.

  7. Back on the Solution Information page, click Next.

  8. Make sure the SDK message option checkbox is checked. Click Next.

    note tip
    You will need to enable pop-ups on your browser to complete the installation process.
  9. Now wait for the import to finish. Get up and do some stretches.

  10. Click Close.

    note note
    You may see a message saying “Marketo Lead Management completed with warning”. This is fully expected.

  11. Marketo Lead Management will now appear on the All Solutions page.

  12. Select Marketo Lead Management and click Publish All Customizations.

Disabling any of the Marketo SDK Messaging Processes will result in a broken install!