Create an Interactive Webinar create-an-interactive-webinar

Create an Interactive Webinar in a few easy steps.

  1. Go to Marketing Activities.

  2. Right-click the desired folder and select New Program.

  3. Name the program. Under Program Type, select Event.

  4. Click the Channel drop-down and select any channel that has Event with Webinar in its “Applies To” column. In this example, we’re choosing Webinar.

    note note
    To see which Channels apply to Event with Webinar, go to Admin > Tags. “Applies To” should be the middle column. Learn more about “Applies To” in Step 5 of this article.
  5. Choose Interactive Webinars and click Next.

    note note
    Information on partner webinars can be found here.
  6. Give your webinar a title. Set its maximum audience size and how long it will last.

    note note
    • The webinar’s title is visible to participants when they join. It is important that the title is different from the name of the Interactive Webinars Event Program in your Marketo Engage instance, as well as the name of the webinar room.

    • You cannot reuse a webinar title. Each one must be unique in your Marketo instance.

    • You can change the webinar title at a later stage, if desired.

  7. Schedule the date/time of your webinar and click Create.

Now, it’s time to design your webinar.