Named Account Insights named-account-insights

The Named Account Dashboard provides a 360-degree view of a target account.

Dashboard dashboard

The dashboard aggregates key insights at an account level from all the people within a named account, thus avoiding the need of going to each person to evaluate their progress. You can drill down deeper into email activity using Email Insights.

Charts show insights from the last 90 days.

Account Engagement Over Time Click the View drop-down on the right to change what you view by. In addition to Account Score, you can view by Total Revenue…

…or Pipeline.

Account Score
See week-to-week engagement based on all the account scores you created in Admin. You can compare these account scores side-by-side. To determine weekly engagement, we take the max engagement from any day of the week.
See the pipeline over time. To determine pipeline over time by week, we take the pipeline on the last day.
See revenue over time. To determine revenue over time by week, we take the sum of all the revenue won in that week.

Interesting Moments

Available to users of Marketo Sales Insight, see the interesting moments rolled-up at an account level.

Top People

These people are calculated based on priorities that are based on recency or urgency showed by people of named accounts (same as Best Bets in Sales Insight), or Scores defined by the user. Priority is only available to users of Marketo Sales Insight.

Includes Children

Click Includes Children to see and choose the child accounts of the selected named account and view their aggregate analytics.

When selecting accounts, you can either choose select all, or individually select up to 100.

Hierarchy hierarchy

See where the selected named account lives in relation to its hierarchy.

Opportunities opportunities

A roll-up view of all the open opportunities at an account level, helping Marketing teams focus on closing specific opportunities.

Potential People potential-people

Lead-to-Account matching uses fuzzy logic to find weak matches that can be resolved in the Potential People tab.

To add any of the listed people, select them and click Add People.

Used By used-by

This tab shows which smart campaigns, web campaigns, smart lists or reports currently reference specific named accounts or account lists.

Account Team account-team

View account team members, add/remove members, even assign an account owner in this tab.

Click the Account Team Actions drop-down to add/remove account members, or assign an account owner.

ICP Indicators icp-indicators

View the ICP Indicators you selected to export when you tuned your model.