Using Revenue Model SLA Stages using-revenue-model-sla-stages

SLA stands for “service level agreement.” These stages are used when there is a defined maximum time in which a lead needs to be evaluated or processed before moving forward or out of the process.

It’s a great idea to create a practice model in a graphics or presentation program and confirm it with your colleagues.

Add An SLA Stage add-an-sla-stage

  1. To add a new Revenue Cycle Model SLA stage, click the Analytics button in the My Marketo home screen.

  2. In the Analytics section, select your existing model, or create a new one.

  3. Click Edit Draft.

  4. To add a new SLA stage, click the SLA button, then drag and release to anywhere within the canvas.

  5. You are free to edit the Name, add a Description and adjust the Type after adding a stage. You may also select Start Tracking by Account at this time.

Edit an SLA Stage edit-an-sla-stage

When you select an SLA stage icon you may edit the Name, add a Description and adjust the Type. You may also select Start Tracking by Account.

  1. Click an SLA stage icon.

  2. Click within the Name and Description fields to edit their content.

  3. Select the Type pull-down to edit.

Delete An SLA Stage delete-an-sla-stage

  1. You may delete an SLA Stage by right-clicking or control-clicking an SLA stage icon.

  2. You may also delete a stage by clicking it, then in the Stage Actions drop-down, select Delete.