Start Tracking by Account in the Revenue Modeler start-tracking-by-account-in-the-revenue-modeler

With the Revenue Stage Modeler and Revenue Explorer, you gain insight into the performance of your leads and accounts as they progress through your model.

Make sure that your approved model has stages on the success path with Start Tracking by Account checked
  1. After enough time has passed to collect useful data, select Revenue Explorer under the My Marketo Home.

  2. To create a new report, click File and select New then Report.

  3. Select Model Performance Analysis (Companies) as the analysis area and click OK.

  4. We recommend you drag in the Stage, Month, and Ending Balance fields to show you the progression of companies through your model by month. Use filters to select the months that you want.

  5. When you’re done setting up your report, right click on Is Track Company and select Filter. We’ll use this to limit the report to only stages where Tracking by Account is selected.

  6. In the dialog that appears, select Yes and click the right-pointing arrow in the middle. This will filter only those stages with “Tracking by Account” enabled. Click OK when you’re done.

  7. Your report should now show only those stages you’re tracking by account. Make sure to save your report so you can use it in the future. Now you can use this as another measure of the success of your marketing efforts.