Use Promo Codes for Offer Fulfillment use-promo-codes-for-offer-fulfillment

When you create a referral offer or a sweepstakes, you can send a promo (coupon) code to each winner. To redeem their reward, they use the code, for example, on the checkout page of a purchase on your site.

Upload Promo Codes upload-promo-codes

  1. Go to Marketing Activities.

  2. Select the referral offer, and click Edit Draft.

  3. In the referral offer editor, go to App Settings and then Offer Details.

  4. Under Emails, select Use Promo Codes, and under Upload Codes, click Browse to select the promo codes file from your system.

  5. The promo codes file must be a plain ASCII text file with one code per line and a .txt filename extension. For example:

    note caution
    Any white space in the promo codes file is treated as part of the code on that line. Be especially careful to avoid trailing spaces at the end of each line.
  6. When the upload is complete, the total number of uploaded codes is displayed.

Review Sent Promo Codes review-sent-promo-codes

Once participants start earning your offer reward, you can see which promo codes were sent to whom and when.

Only Marketo users with Access Awards permission have access to this information. See Managing User Roles and Permissions.
  1. Go to Marketing Activities.

  2. Select your referral offer or sweepstakes, and click the Participants tab.

  3. Here you should see some entries. Click the number in the Promo Codes column to see the promo codes that were sent to that participant, and when.