Inherited Instance: Marketing Activities Checklist inherited-instance-marketing-activities-checklist

Organize your Marketing Activities section properly to help others find and manage various programs within your Marketo Engage instance and ensure that people are processed to pass from Marketing to Sales. Remember to download the checklists and track your progress.

Organization organization

Review Focus
Naming Conventions
Folder Structure
  • Are older programs archived?

  • How often does your company review and archive old programs?

tip icon TIP: It's good to perform a review every year.

Smart List Subscriptions
(Marketing Activities/Subscriptions)

tip icon TIP: Consider setting up Smart List subscriptions to go to a team alias rather than an individual. This covers you in case individuals are out of the office.

Assets assets

Review Focus
  • Are tokens being used in your most commonly used program types?
         If not, you should consider using them to increase efficiency.

  • If tokens are implemented, are there global folder tokens? How are they being used?

Engagement Programs
Batch Campaigns
  • How many recurring Batch Campaigns are there?

  • Should any of them be deactivated/archived?

Trigger Campaigns
  • How many Trigger Campaigns are there?

  • Should any of them be deactivated/archived?

  • Should any Trigger Campaigns be changed to Batch Campaigns to improve processing efficiency?

Local Forms
  • How many programs have local forms? Should these forms be turned into global forms?

  • Are they capturing appropriate data for your Marketing and Sales teams?

tip icon TIP: Limit the number of local forms to ease updating and alignment to changes with data privacy and opt-in/opt-out policies. When creating a form, what questions need to be asked? If the information gathered doesn't change and advanced form functionality doesn't shift, consider a global form instead of a local form.

Global Forms
  • Where do you use global forms? (Marketo Engage Landing Pages vs. non-Marketo Engage Landing Pages)

  • How do your global forms point users to a thank you page (via hidden form field or within your CMS' page template)?

  • Are there form fields that you should consider adding or removing?

  • Are there picklist values that you should change?

  • Do you need to consider progressive profiling?

  • Are all your required fields for CRM sync and marketing needs included?

  • Do your global forms consider your data privacy & legal requirements for opt-in strategy and management?

Operational Programs operational-programs

Review Focus
Person Scoring
  • Do you have a centralized person scoring program in place?

  • Does your person scoring both increase and decrease scoring?

Person Source
  • Do you have a centralized program assigning values to person source fields?

note icon NOTE: Marketo Engage automatically gathers data in a source field regardless of operational programs.

Data Standardization
  • Do you have a centralized program in place to standardize incoming data?
Bounce Management
Privacy & Compliance
  • Do you have programs to ensure you're compliant with data privacy and spam laws?
         Consider GDPR, CASL, CAN-SPAM, CCPA, etc.

tip icon TIP: Remember to always consult your Legal team on these issues. Ask your team about previous initiatives to maintain compliance before making any changes.

  • Do you have a program to move people through your Person Lifecycle?

  • What values are available for person status?

Email Deliverability
  • Pull an Email Performance Report for sends in the past few months. How does email deliverability look?

  • If your email deliverability isn't as strong as you'd like, consider investigating and implementing email deliverability best practices such as SPF and DKIM.

  • Are you reaching out to your full marketable audience?

Subscription/Preference Center
Interesting Moments (if applicable)
  • Do you have a program or flow steps in programs to send Interesting Moments to Salesforce appropriately?