Abort Delivery of Email Programs Scheduled with Recipient Time Zone abort-delivery-of-email-programs-scheduled-with-recipient-time-zone

In emergency cases, you can abort the delivery of an email program that has already started running with Recipient Time Zone enabled.

Since email programs scheduled with Recipient Time Zone can run for up to 24 hours, aborting the delivery of the program will cancel any subsequent sends after that point.

  1. Select the email program you want to cancel, then click Abort Delivery under the Approval tile in the control panel.

  2. Confirm that you want to cancel the delivery by clicking Abort.

  3. After cancellation, the Results grid of your email program will look something like the one below. Any subsequent sends are canceled and will show up as “Email Bounced Soft” in the Activity Type column.

    note note
    Canceled emails will not show up as a soft bounce until the time they were originally scheduled to be delivered in their respective time zones. Up until that point, they will still display as “Send Email.”
  4. From the grid, you can click any email to view activity details. For a canceled send, the details pop-up will look like this: