Choose an Existing Email choose-an-existing-email

For accurate reporting, avoid reusing an email from an email program, either by referencing it in a Smart Campaign or by moving the asset from the launched email program to a new one. Doing so will aggregate all of the data in every reporting dashboard attached to that email. If you need to reuse an email, please clone it instead, as that copies the email but creates a new one with a new email ID.

Once you’ve created an email program and defined your audience, you will want to decide what email you’re sending. You can create an email for an email program from scratch or pick one that already exists. Here’s how to pick one that already exists.

  1. Go to Marketing Activities.

  2. Find and select your email program.

  3. Under the Email tile, select the one you want to send.

    note note
    Only local emails can be selected. Need to move an email from one program to another? Learn how here.


Now that we’ve decided what email to send, we can set up an A/B Test, or skip that and schedule the email program.