Filter Activity Types in the Activity Log of a Person filter-activity-types-in-the-activity-log-of-a-person

Search for activities that matter most to you in the activity log.

Learn more about the activity log.
  1. Go to the Person Detail page. Click the Activity Log tab.

  2. Select the Filter drop-down.

Creating Custom Filters creating-custom-filters

  1. Click the Filter drop-down. Select Custom.

  2. Select activities to filter by. Click Save As.

  3. Enter a custom filter name. Click Save.

    Now, only person activities that meet the filter’s criteria are displayed.

Reference Saved Filters reference-saved-filters

Saved filters can be accessed from the Filter drop-down.

  1. Click the Filters drop-down. Select Custom.

  2. Click Saved Filters. Saved filters are listed below.