Landing Page Performance Report landing-page-performance-report

See how many people filled out the forms in your landing pages, and how many of them were new.

If you see a discrepancy in numbers between your Smart List and Landing Page Performance Report, it’s likely because Smart Lists only filter data on People, whereas Landing Page Performance Reports include social (Facebook, Google Ads, etc.) and anonymous activities, in addition to People data.
  1. Create a report and select the Landing Page Performance report type.

  2. Set the time frame of your report and click the Report tab.

  3. That’s it! Explore your report to assess how well your landing pages are doing.

    Among the columns in a landing page performance report, Conversions and Conversion % reflect the number of times someone filled out a form.

    note tip
    Find the pages with the highest Conversion percentage! Sort your report on that column and choose Sort Descending.

    The AB icon in the report indicates the stats are the total for all pages in that landing page test group.

  4. Scroll to the right to see the number of visits that originated from various social media platforms.

Activity generated by the social button with analytics is not included here. For those stats, see the Social Dashboard.