Landing Page Test Groups landing-page-test-groups

Marketo tracks the number of page views and form completions on each tested page within a Test Group. You can use test group results to decide which Landing Page is the most compelling. Here’s how to create a test group.

Build two or more landing pages, preferably with a form.
  1. In the Design Studio, click New. In the dropdown, select New Test Group.

    note note
    The other ways to create a Test Group are:
    • Right-click a landing page in the tree and select Convert to Test Group
    • Create a Landing Page Test Group in a program by choosing AB Test Group in the New Local Asset menu
  2. Enter a name and an optional description. Select the Landing Pages you want to test and click Create.

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    Only unapproved Landing Pages will be available to choose.
  3. Right-click on each Landing Page and select Approve.

  4. Click the Test Group Options dropdown and select Approve Test Group.

    That’s it! You will now be able to compare stats of your selected Landing Pages.

    note tip
    If you ever want to delete the Test Group, simply click Test Group Actions and select Delete test group.