Set up the ON24 Integration with Marketo set-up-the-on24-integration-with-marketo

Here’s how to set up your ON24 event integration.

Create an API Only Role create-an-api-only-role

  1. From My Marketo, click Admin.

  2. Under Security, click Users & Roles.

  3. Click the Roles tab and then New Role.

  4. Enter a Role Name. Open the Access API menu and select “Read-Write Custom Object” and “Read-Write Person.” Click Create.

Create a New User create-a-new-user

  1. Still in Users & Roles, click the Users tab and click Invite New User.

  2. Enter the new user’s information and click Next.

  3. Select the ON24 API Only Role you just created. Select the API Only checkbox. Click Next.

  4. Click Send.

An invitation isn’t required for API Only users.

Set up ON24 Connection set-up-on24-connection

  1. Still in the Admin section, click LaunchPoint.

  2. Click New then New Service.

  3. Choose a display name. Click the Service drop-down and select Custom. Enter a description. Click the API Only User drop-down and select the user you created in the steps above. Click Create.

  4. Find the custom LaunchPoint service you just created and click View Details.

  5. Highlight, right-click, copy, and save the Client ID (you’ll need it later). Repeat for Client Secret.

  6. In the tree on the left, click Web Services.

  7. Under “REST API,” highlight, right-click, copy, and save the first part of the Identity (up until the ‘m’ in .com).

  8. With your saved Client ID, Client Secret, and Identity, navigate to your ON24 account. The rest of the steps are performed there, and are outlined here.