Account Smart Lists account-smart-lists

Here’s how to quickly and accurately identify your high value accounts.

This feature is only available to those with both the Target Account Management add-on and a TAM licensed issued.

Create an Account Smart List create-an-account-smart-list

  1. In Marketo, go to Marketing Activities.

  2. Find and select your desired program.

  3. Click the New drop-down and select New Local Asset.

  4. Click Account Smart List.

  5. Enter a name and click Create (Description and Labels are optional).

Your Account Smart List has been created! See below for steps on defining its rules.

Account Smart List Rules account-smart-list-rules

Account Smart Lists work similarly to standard Smart Lists, with a notable exception: containers.

  1. To define your Account Smart List, click the Account Smart List Rules tab.

  2. Choose your desired Account Filter(s). In this example we’re choosing Industry is Healthcare.

    note note
    ICP indicator data that was used in your Account Profiling Ranking and Tuning will appear as custom Account Attributes for use in your Account Smart List. This custom attribute data is based on when the Account Profile Model was created/updated.
  3. Choose your Matched Person Filter(s). In this example we’re choosing State is California.

OPTIONAL STEP: Here’s where containers come in. If you choose an additional Matched Person Filter, you can drop it below the first one, or in it, creating a container. In this example we’re creating a container by adding Job Title is CFO.

Here’s how the container will look.

Creating a container of filters creates an “and” rule, meaning it will only return all of the results combined. In this example, accounts with an industry of healthcare, along with being located in California and with someone listed as the CFO. If you don’t want to utilize containers simply drop the filter below/above the existing one.

And that’s it! Check out the section below to see how you can leverage your Account Smart List.

Just like with standard Smart Lists, you can use advanced logic to further refine your results. You need at least three filters to do so, and in Account Smart Lists, one container (regardless of how many filters it itself contains) equals one filter.

Account Smart List Actions account-smart-list-actions

In the Overview tab of your Account Smart List, you’ll notice a few action options.

Export: This exports the results of your Account Smart List as a CSV.

Clone: Makes a copy of your Account Smart List.

Send to Ad Network: Sends the list to LinkedIn as a new Matched Audience.

You can also reference your Account Smart List in a standard Smart Campaign/List by using the People Member of Account Smart List filter.

The results of the People Member of Account Smart List will show every person in the identified account(s), not just people who are found via Matched Person filters in the account smart list.
People Member of Account Smart List: In this case the word “member” refers to the account itself, so “people member” means the actual people (Marketo records) in those accounts.