Create an Email Template create-an-email-template

Follow these steps to create a new email template.

Marketo Support is not set up to assist with troubleshooting custom HTML. For HTML assistance, please consult a web developer.
The editor we use converts the values of color and background-color CSS properties to lowercase, so please avoid using camel case and use lowercase names or hyphens instead.

Create a New Email Template create-a-new-email-template

  1. Click Design Studio.

  2. Click New, then select New Email Template.

  3. Give your new template a name and click Create.

  4. To begin editing your new template, click Edit Draft.

    note caution
    While there is no hard limit, once an email template is used by over 500 emails, re-approving that template after an update could result in performance issues. We recommend that once an email template has 500 emails associated to it, to create a new template.

Save an Email as a Template save-an-email-as-a-template

If you created an email you’d like to save as a template for future use, follow these simple steps.

  1. Click Marketing Activities.

  2. Find and select your email, then click Edit Draft.

  3. Click the Email Actions drop-down and select Save as Template.

  4. Click the Folder drop-down, select where you want the template to live, and click Save.

    And that’s it!

    note caution
    When saving an email as a template, variable values will not carry over. Variables will continue to use the defaults specified in the underlying template. Available modules in the email will also not carry over unless they have been inserted into the email body.

To customize your email template, check out the article below.