Implementing RTP on Wordpress implementing-rtp-on-wordpress

To implement your RTP tag please follow the installation instructions below:

  1. Open up the header.php file of your WordPress theme.

    You can either use an FTP client to access your server or edit your theme files directly from the WordPress dashboard. Your file editor is located under the Appearance tab in the sidebar menu.

  2. In the list of template files to the right of the text editor, find header.php and open it.

  3. Go to Account Settings.

    a. If you have already received your JavaScript tag from Support - continue to step 5.

  4. Under Domain, locate the relevant domain and click Generate Tag.

  5. Copy the RTP JavaScript tag and paste it to your website templates.

    a. Make sure it’s the first script at the header of the page - between the <head> </head> tags.

  6. Click on Update File for the header.php file.

  7. Verify that it appears on all pages including landing pages and sub-domains.

    a. You can do this by right-clicking on you website’s page. Go to View Page Source. Search for RTP to locate the tag.