Adobe Experience Cloud Integrations Overview adobe-experience-cloud-integrations-overview

Adobe offers a robust demand marketing solution, starting with native audience syncing across the Adobe Experience Cloud products. Leverage unique B2B-centric data across Adobe Audience Manager, unlocking powerful demand marketing uses cases and untapped potential for existing Adobe applications.

The integrations, which include Audience Manager and Adobe Real-Time CDP Marketo Connecter, can require mapping of the IMS org in Marketo Engage. Learn how to set up Adobe organization mapping.

Adobe Experience Cloud Integrations adobe-experience-cloud-integrations

Marketo Integration with Adobe Audience Manager

Allows you to sync static lists of known people from Marketo Engage to multiple AEC applications, which enhances existing programs, unlocks new use cases, and orchestrates multi-channel campaigns. This integration includes: Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Advertising Cloud.

Marketo Integration with Adobe Experience Manager