Use a Duration in a Wait Flow Step use-a-duration-in-a-wait-flow-step

You can use the Wait flow step to pause a person’s journey through a Smart Campaign for a certain duration of time. You can also specify criteria for the day of the week and time when it ends.

  1. In your Smart Campaign Flow tab, drag over the Wait flow step.

  2. Enter how long you want to pause.

  3. That’s it! The flow will pause for your specified duration. For advanced options, click the gear icon to the right.

  4. Specify the day of the week when the wait step should end.

  5. Optionally, specify the time. Click Save.

    note note
    A person triggers a Smart Campaign on Friday at 5pm. The wait step is advanced: 48 hours and must end on Mon-Fri at 9am.
    The result would be that the person would continue in the flow on Monday, 9am. This is the first M-F date after 48 hours.
    note note
    The duration, dates, times, and days used are all based on your subscription’s time zone.
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