Inherited Instance: Admin Section Checklist inherited-instance-admin-section-checklist

The checklists below (subsequent checklists linked to at the bottom of each article) have been put together by Adobe Professional Services with input from Marketo Champions to help you get up to speed quickly. You can also download the checklists and track your progress.

If you’re a new(er) Marketo Engage user and are not familiar with many of the terms, please check out the Marketo Engage Glossary.

Adobe Identity Management adobe-identity-management

This is only applicable to Marketo Engage subscriptions onboarded to Adobe Identity Management System (IMS). If your subscription has not onboarded Adobe IMS yet, proceed with the legacy user roles and permissions experience in Marketo Engage > Admin > Users & Roles.
Review Focus
Subscription & Marketo Engage Product Admin
  • Has your Marketo Engage subscription been migrated to Adobe IMS yet?
         If so, have you been granted an 'Adobe Admin Console Product Admin' role by your 'Adobe Admin Console System Admin'? If you're not sure who in your organization has admin privileges in the console, contact Adobe Customer Care.

  • Have you accepted the 'Marketo Engage Product Admin' invite? The email is sent when the role is assigned in the Adobe Admin Console.
         If not, look for the welcome email in your inbox and accept the invite to activate your Adobe ID.

Product Profile
  • Are all appropriate users assigned to Marketo Engage's product profile in Adobe Admin Console?
         If not, make sure to add and/or remove users from Marketo Engage product profiles in the Adobe Admin Console. You cannot assign users' roles in Marketo Engage > Admin > Users & Roles if they're added to a Product Profile.

note icon NOTE: If an undesired user is added to multiple product profiles, you must remove the user from all product profiles. Otherwise, they'll still have access to Marketo Engage.

User Management API
  • Does your subscription use any Marketo User Management APIs?
         If so, you'll need to use Adobe IMS APIs to invite, update, and delete users moving forward.

note icon NOTE: 'Role Management' remains in Marketo Engage, and Marketo User Management APIs can still be used for role management.

Users & Roles users-and-roles

Review Focus

note icon NOTE: If your subscription is on Adobe IMS already, proceed to the following user management review in Adobe Admin Console. Otherwise, go to Admin > Users & Roles > Users in Marketo Engage.


note icon NOTE: Whether you use Marketo with Adobe Identity or not, proceed with reviewing role permissions in Marketo Engage under Admin > Users & Roles > Roles.

  • How many roles are there?

  • What permissions/access does each role have? Should any be adjusted?

  • How many users are there per role?

  • How often are users logging in?

  • Does each API user have their own user role? If not, consider implementing this to make troubleshooting easier.

  • Do your user roles and permissions align with your corporate data privacy policies for regulation compliance (e.g., GDPR)? Do the corporate data privacy policies allow users to download and share Marketo Engage user data? Is the permission business necessary?

Support Users
Internal Documentation
  • Are users and roles clearly defined in your organization?

  • What is your process for adding a new user/admin?

Sandbox (if applicable)

Audit Trail audit-trail

Review Focus
Audit Trail

Workspaces & Partitions workspaces-and-partitions

Review Focus
Workspaces & Partitions
Internal Documentation
  • How are Workspaces and Partitions defined?

  • What is your process to add Workspaces to your instance or add users to a Workspace?

Smart Campaigns smart-campaigns

Review Focus
Smart Campaigns
  • Do you have a restriction on Smart Campaign size?
         If not, consider adding one. We recommend limiting the Smart Campaign limits to 25% of your database to avoid overcommunication or processing your entire database in workflows; this not only protects your brand, but helps protect the performance of your instance.

Communication Limits communication-limits

Review Focus
Communication Limits
  • Are there communication limits in place? Does your business have policies where communication limits might be necessary?

note icon NOTE: We recommend limiting your communication to 1 per day and 3 per 7 days, with non-operational emails blocked.

Tags tags

Review Focus
  • How many tags are there? How many tags are in use? Do any need to be added?

  • Are tags required within your programs?

  • How many channels are there? How many are in use?

  • Are all channel program statuses appropriate? Do they show progression within the program?

  • Are your channels related to specific program types?

  • Which statuses are considered a success for each channel? Do those align with your marketing goals?

  • Is the Operational channel being used appropriately?

  • For Advanced Report Builder (Revenue Cycle Explorer/RCE), is your channel analytics behavior set to align with your program practices incorporating period cost?

Marketing Calendar (if applicable)

Database Management database-management

Review Focus
Field Management
  • How many fields are there?
         Click Export Field Names to review a list of your fields, custom fields, and their API names.

  • How many custom fields are there?

  • How many fields are being used?
         Select Export Used By in the Field Actions drop-down to review related assets of a field.

  • How many fields are synced between Marketo Engage and your CRM?

  • Are CRM fields synced to the appropriate objects?

  • Is there a custom view set for person detail? Should there be?

  • Do you have a naming convention for your fields based on source?
         If not, consider implementing this.

  • Are there any fields blocked?
         If so, be sure to understand why they are.

Custom Activities
  • Are there any custom activities?
         If so, click through them to understand what activities aren't related to a Marketo form, email, or landing page.
Custom Objects
  • How many custom objects are there? How are they synced to your CRM?

  • How are these custom objects being utilized by your programs and list queries?

Email email

Review Focus
Email Default Settings

Integrations integrations

Review Focus
  • Which CRM are you syncing to? Salesforce? MS Dynamics? Veeva?

  • Are you utilizing a custom sync?

  • [Salesforce Only] Does your instance have Custom Sync Filters implemented?

    note icon NOTE: Contact Marketo Support to identify Custom Sync Filters or request a Custom Sync Rule be implemented.

Landing Pages
Web Services
  • Are IP Restrictions enabled? Should they be?

  • Which users/apps are making API calls in your instance?

  • Are you hitting or close to hitting your API limit?
         If so, consider increasing it or auditing your instance to bring those API calls down.

Adobe Dynamic Chat (if applicable)

Following the steps below will require access to the Adobe Admin Console. If you haven't set up an Adobe ID yet, learn how to do that here.

  • Have you accepted the Dynamic Chat Product Admin invite? The email is sent when Dynamic Chat is enabled in your Marketo Engage instance, and you're designated as a System Admin.
         If not, look for the welcome email in your inbox and accept the invitation to set up your Adobe ID.

  • Have you added the desired users to the Dynamic Chat product profile in Adobe Admin Console?

  • Make sure your eligible users have the Dynamic Chat Product Profile added to their Adobe Identity. You cannot assign 'Access Dynamic Chat' roles in Marketo Engage > Admin > Users & Roles if they're added to a Product Profile.

  • In the 'Product Profiles' tab, are the Default Profile Permissions aligned with your organization's needs?
    If not, edit the permissions for the specific profile.

  • If you have more than one subscription, are your users being added to the correct subscriptions?

Once you finish auditing the Users & Roles settings, log in to Dynamic Chat to continue your audit.

  • Have you connected your Marketo Engage instance to Dynamic Chat?

  • Are the five default profiles with predefined permissions applicable to your organization?
         If not, you can edit them in Dynamic Chat. You can also create a Custom Profile with a custom set of permissions.

  • To provide your users with access to Dynamic Chat, have you checked "Access Dynamic Chat" to the applicable Marketo Engage Role under Admin > Users & Roles > Roles?
    note icon NOTE: The 'Admin' & 'Marketing User' roles should have access to Dynamic Chat.

Marketo Sales Insight (if applicable)
Launchpoint (if applicable)
  • Which services have you configured (e.g., BrightTALK, Zoom, etc.)? Are any near their expiration?

  • How many API calls are your integrations using?

  • Do you have the right integrations in place for your use cases?

Webhooks (if applicable)
Mobile Apps (if applicable)

Treasure Chest treasure-chest

Review Focus
Treasure Chest
  • What's turned on in the Treasure Chest?

  • Are there features that should be turned on or off?

Campaign Inspector
  • Is Campaign Inspector turned on?
    If not, consider turning it on to easily identify which campaigns are: active, syncing with your CRM, and/or deleting records.

Alerts and Updates alerts-and-updates

Review Focus
Marketo Engage Status Updates
  • Are there any active alerts being sent out to internal teams from Marketo Engage?

  • If yes, are those alerts functioning appropriately?


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