Edit Landing Page Settings edit-landing-page-settings

You can edit your domain name and fallback page, enable or disable form prefill, prevent misuse of your landing page, and more. Here’s how.

Admin Permissions Required
  1. Go to the Admin area.

  2. Click Landing Pages.

  3. In the Landing Pages section, click Edit.

  4. Enter your domain and page information.

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    Term Definition
    Domain name for landing pages This is your CNAME. A CNAME is the first part of the URL you give people for landing pages. For example, in https://go.yourCompany.com, the word “go” is the CNAME. You can have multiple, but most people just use the one.
    Fallback page This is where to go if the landing page doesn’t exist or is down. Learn more about fallback pages.
    Homepage Enter your corporate site URL.
  5. Check the Form Prefill checkbox to allow forms to prefill information for known (cookied) people. Uncheck to block.

    note note
    If you want the prefill <script> tag to appear at the end of the <head> tag in the code, check the Inject Prefill Script at End of Head box. Leave unchecked if you want it to appear at the beginning.
    Check Remove default favicon links to prevent Marketo from inserting any favicon links into the code.
  6. After making your selections, click Save.

    Great job! Your landing pages now have the right information and should start working right away.