Send Alert send-alert

Overview overview

Marketo can send an email alert with person information to anyone - the sales owner, a partner, or someone else. Use the “Send Alert” flow step.

Usage usage

  1. Find and select the email you want to send.

    note note
    Your email alert must contain all of the header info and be in the Approved state.
  2. You can click the preview icon to ensure that you’ve selected the correct email.

    note note
    Be sure to use the “Send Alert Info” token in your email.
  3. Select the alert recipient. You can pick Sales Owner or Account Owner.

  4. Optionally, add any other email addresses you want (separated by either a comma or a semicolon).

    note tip
    In trigger campaigns, you can use tokens in To Other Emails such as {{lead.Territory Owner}} or {{my.Alert Recipient}} as long as the values are valid email addresses. Tokens in To Other Emails will not work in a Batch Campaign.