Create an Email create-an-email

There are two main ways to create an email in Marketo. Let’s look at both.

Create an Email in the Design Studio create-an-email-in-the-design-studio

  1. Go to the Design Studio.

  2. Click the New drop-down and select New Email.

    note note
    When you create an email in the Design Studio, it can be found in the tree under “Emails.”

Simple! Now for the other way…

Create an Email in Marketing Activities create-an-email-in-marketing-activities

  1. Go to Marketing Activities.

  2. Select the program you want to add the email to, click the New drop-down and select New Local Asset.

  3. Click Email.

    And that’s it!

Whichever method you choose brings you to the template picker.

  1. Give your email a name, click on the template you want to use, then click Create.

    note note
    You can choose from a collection of ready-to-go responsive email templates, or a template you saved by first selecting My Templates, and following the same steps.
  2. Enter a subject line. The recommended character limit is 50.

    Depending on the template you’ve chosen, you’ll have different options in which to edit your email. For emails with modules, check out Add Modules to your Email.

Your email is now created, so edit away!