Edit Your Email Header edit-your-email-header

The email header in Marketo is fully customizable. It consists of four fields:

  • From - The name of the sender as you want it to appear
  • From Address - The email address of the sender as you want it to appear
  • Reply-to - The email address you want a person’s reply to be sent to (can be different than From Address)
  • Subject - The email’s subject line

To edit these values, click in each field and enter your information.

To set a default From Name and From Email, see Change the Default From Email and From Label.

If you want to use a token, click inside the desired field first, then click the token icon.

You can also make the field dynamic by using segments.

The key icon to the far right in the From Address field lets you know if you’re using a custom DKIM signature.

The counter to the far right in the Subject field helps you keep your subject line below the recommended 50 character limit.

If you exceed 50 characters, the counter turns red to alert you.