Reporting Overview reporting-overview

Marketo offers a variety of reporting modules for different needs.

Basic Reporting basic-reporting

You can set up basic reports within programs or in the Analytics area. Basic reports are comprised of different types of out-of-the-box reports with the flexibility to filter, sort, and adjust timespans.

Email Insights email-insights

Use Analytics and Sends to obtain powerful insights on emails from historical data.

Performance Insights performance-insights

Performance Insights covers channel performance and program performance for engagement, pipeline, and revenue generation.

Advanced BI Analytics Reporting advanced-bi-analytics-reporting

(previously known as Revenue Cycle Explorer/Advanced Report Builder)

Not everyone has purchased Advanced BI Analytics and Advanced Journey Analytics modules. Contact the Adobe Account Team (your Account Manager) more information.

Track the ROI on your marketing initiatives. Analyze Emails, People, Programs, Opportunities, Model Performance Analysis (Companies), and Model Performance Analysis (Leads). The BI Explorer allows you to create custom reports within the analysis area and create graphs, charts, pivots, and dashboards with your data.

Some Advanced BI Analytics Reporting benefits include:

  • Attribution of Marketing influence on Opportunities, Revenue, and Program Success

  • Return of Investment analysis for Programs

  • Analysis of email metrics - sent/open/click time distribution, heat grids, click/open rate decay graphs

  • Lead analysis - Analyze lead distribution against different dimensions

  • Model performance analyzer (Company and Lead levels) - understand flow and velocity of leads

  • Creating custom reports for trending slice and dice data

  • Visualization in graphical form, heat maps, and distribution curves

Advanced Journey Analytics advanced-journey-analytics

Revenue Cycle Models: model all the stages of your entire revenue funnel and how they transition between those stages, from when you first interact with a lead all the way until the lead is a won customer.

Success Path Analyzer: Get a visual representation of velocity and flow through your Revenue Cycle Model. Success Path Analyzer requires you to create Revenue Cycle models.

Program Analyzer: Quickly identify programs that are successful or not and focus your resources appropriately. Use the program analyzer to scrutinize and compare every cost and return in detail by program or by channel.

Opportunity Influence Analyzer: Prove Marketing’s contribution by measuring the impact of programs and key engagements that generated opportunities.

Model Performance Analysis (Companies) and Model Performance Analysis (Leads) with Advanced BI Analytics Reporting depend on the Revenue Cycle Model created in the Advanced Journey Analytics product.