Email Insights Overview email-insights-overview

Email Insights provides powerful insights from historical data for Email Marketers. It consists of two separate but associated sections: Analytics and Sends.

To access Email Insights, simply click its tile in My Marketo (or the Analytics home screen).

By default you will see data for every workspace you have access to. You can deselect workspaces you don’t want to view. Your selection(s) will be remembered going forward.

Analytics analytics

Use Analytics to explore the aggregate time-series data for email delivery and engagement metrics.


Used advanced filters to break down results by Audience, Content, or Platform. The same filters apply to both Analytics and Sends.

Quick Charts

Quick Charts are thumbnails you create and save, providing a quick view of charts that are important to you.

Sends sends

In the Sends page, examine the characteristics of recent email communication.


Click on Metrics bars to translate the colors into numbers.

It can take up to 8 hours for data to reflect in Email Insights.

Custom Dimensions custom-dimensions

All of the standard Marketo dimensions are included, but you have the option of adding up to 10 custom dimensions. Custom dimensions consist of segmentations and program tags.